CEO to “Sales Guy”

Join Adam Marquis, who grew up in Maine and worked as a social worker before becoming a Health Care CEO. Wanting to have more of an impact in people’s lives, Adam moved on to the Life Insurance industry where he quickly became a top producer. Learn from his incredible journey of self-improvement as he guides you on how always to be a student, attract not promote, build trust with your team, and lead by example. Get instant insights into the life of a top life insurance agent on this episode of True Talk!

0:00 Intro
1:35 Humble Beginnings
6:38 Health Care CEO
10:07 Becoming a Life Insurance Agent
18:09 Find Your Fab 5
20:32 First-Time Dialing Leads
25:44 Being a 4 Quadrant Agent
30:38 Attract Not Promote
35:27 First Death Claim
42:08 Smart Policy Placement
56:13 Question for Cassandra

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