Checking Hospital Reviews While Having A Heart Attack

Get ready for an impactful episode of True Talk, featuring none other than the legendary IUL agent Juan Franco! Join us as Juan shares his inspiring story of immigrating to the United States at just 19 years old, all on his own. After studying English and Marketing in Mississippi, Juan honed his sales skills by selling books door-to-door before establishing his own successful fundraiser business, which helped schools for over 27 years. And now, as one of our top agents at FFL, Juan made history by becoming the first to reach the Personal Hall of Fame in 2023. Trust us, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Juan’s Social Medias:

00:00 Intro
2:14 – Juan’s story (How he grew up, and coming to America)
6:33 – Selling books door-to-door & 27 years of fundraising for schools
9:00 – How Juan got started in Life Insurance
16:25 – What Juan changed to double his number of appointments
20:00 – Getting into IULs & Social Media (Can take out if too close to the others)
22:18 – Blowing up on Social Media
26:48 – Positive mindset of asking for help
31:42 – Juan checked hospital reviews while he was having a heart attack
39:05 – What drives Juan to stay motivated

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