Dave Ramsey is Wrong

This week Eric Worre takes on Dave Ramsey… Recently during Dave’s radio show he had a woman call in regarding her opportunity in network marketing. Mr Ramsey’s response to this young lady’s questions were filled with misinformation about the profession and Eric Worre is here to set him straight on the truth about Network Marketing…

In the radio show, Dave asks this young lady, “Are you sure this is your dream? Are you sure that this is the best entrepreneurial way for you? You know, these network marketers, they make it sound so easy, but it’s hard. It’s hard work… And do you realize that for the rest of your life you’re just going to be recruiting? And is that really what you want to do? Do you want your friends looking at you funny because these network marketers drive everybody crazy? And what about getting stuck with product?” Dave went on to pour cold water all over the hopes and dreams of this young woman, and pigeon holed the Network Marketing profession into his very limited understanding of what it is all about.

This lit a fire under Eric, and he had this to say in rebuttal to Dave Ramsey, and also to the young woman (or any person) looking for an entrepreneur based business or looking for opportunity …

As far as entrepreneurial options, network marketing is the most financially responsible of all choices. The average person in the United States that wants to start a traditional business, spends $65,000 into a business that they know nothing about most of the time, and 90% of those fail over the course of five years. But in network marketing your investment startup is typically $1,000 or less. Also most companies have a 90% buy back policy, so the investment risk on $1000 is now down to $100. Network marketing is the most risk-free when it comes to just the dollars.
Another firing point was Dave told her that “all you’re gonna be doing is recruiting.” Eric offers this advice on how to actually explain it: “All you do is you expand your network and you expand the productivity of that network.” Which, as Eric points out, is exactly the same business model that Dave has followed… he expanded his radio network, he expanded his financial advisor network, and all of those advisors in every state, all over the world are providing advice for Dave within his network, and then giving him a little piece of the pie. The wealthy people in this world build networks, look for networks, and then increases the productivity of those networks. Network marketing is no different. It’s the same.
Eric also continues to provide rebuttal to the “it’s hard” comment, and the “bothering your friends” mentality that Dave and some people might have about the profession. There is a lot of misinformation about the network marketing profession floating around, and Eric sets the record straight on what is real and what to expect.

In conclusion, Eric has this to say — network marketing is not perfect, but it is better if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, it’s better. And to Dave Ramsey if he is listening, “You come into my world and talk about network marketing like you know it – I’ve got to call you on it. Sorry, man. And I respect your work, but in this case, you’re off base.” And for the young lady on the radio show, or anyone who is in the profession: “I hope someday we meet and you tell me your story about how you crushed it inside of this network marketing business and you took all the doubters, including Mr. Dave Ramsey, and you proved them wrong.”
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