Final Expense Life Insurance Explained

Final Expense life insurance is a very real and legitimate way for people who are at least 50, to create funds that help offset the inevitable expenses associated with dying. Policies are available up to age 85, regardless of your health, and can be tailored to meet your budget.

Final Expense Life Insurance (also called Burial Insurance or Funeral Insurance) is a special type of permanent life insurance. This type of policy has a very specific purpose…to cover the costs incurred when the insured dies. Final Expense insurance can help cover the cost of typical funeral expenses (i.e. casket, flowers, gravesite services, etc.) and can also assist with other additional outstanding financial obligations left behind by the deceased (i.e. medical bills, credit card bills, outstanding mortgage, etc.).

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0:42 Do I need a final expense policy?
1:58 Guaranteed Issue or Simplified Issue. Which is better?
5:48 How long does it take to get my policy?
6:18 How are life insurance death benefit proceeds taxed? Or are they taxed at all?
6:42 How much do Final Expense policies cost?
7:49 Final Expense policies are typically issued as Whole Life. What does that mean?
9:06 I see so many commercials and get so many postcards. Are they all the same?
9:49 Am I too old to qualify for coverage?
10:20 How can I be sure the money will be there when I die?
10:53 What are the methods of payment?
11:27 What can death benefit from the policy be used for?
12:04 Won’t the Social Security lump-sum death benefit pay for my final expenses?
12:29 Does ownership of a whole life policy negatively affect my ability to qualify for Medicaid?
13:24 Who should you trust?

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