Grandparents with Life Insurance! Lump Sum Payouts or Costly Trusts? There’s Another Option!

After 33 passionate years in the life insurance business, I’ve seen only a handful of new ideas that are truly exciting And if you’re a grandparent, you’re really gonna want to listen.
As grandparents you and I know there’s nothing more magical than your relationship with your grandchildren. Every moment is cherished.

But I also know that one day, I’ll be gone, and their memory of me, and all the things we did together, will fade over time. The thought of being able to GIVE to my grandchildren long after I’m gone, is actually something I think a lot of my fellow grandparents will like.

Let’s take a quick look how it works:
It’s really simple! Just decide how much you want to leave to each grandchild, every month, after you die.

Say you have 4 grandchildren, and you want to leave each of them a gift of $100 a month, every month, for 25 years. This new kind of life insurance allows you to do exactly that. It’s NOT like a lump sum that gets quickly spent and forgotten.

Every month, when they get that check, they’ll KNOW it came from YOU – it’s YOUR LEGACY at work!

For a 66-year old female, the cost can be as little as $200 a month. You simply pay that to the insurance company until you die, and then THEY send $100 bucks to each of your four grandkids every month for the next 25 years. If you wanted to leave them $50 bucks each (a total of $200), every month, for 25 years, the cost would be half, or only about $100 a month.

You can make this as big or small as you like, and the numbers will vary based on your current age and health. Just give us a call today and we’ll give you YOUR numbers and help you build it so that it’s totally affordable. After all, it is YOUR legacy … YOU get to decide what it’ll be.

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We love what we do, and welcome your call, any time. We’ll review your life insurance for free, even if you didn’t buy your policy from us!

I hope you found this useful, and thanks for listening!

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