How to get FREE life insurance

ANICO’s ROP (return of premium) rider allows the client to receive 100% of their premiums back at certain windows, effectively allowing for the possibility of having their life insured for FREE.

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The information contained in this video provides a general overview of different types of life insurance. Please contact your local life insurance agent to determine the best life insurance solutions for your specific financial and family needs.

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Traditional life insurance only pays out if you die – that’s really “death insurance”, isn’t it?

Modern Living Benefits life insurance policies also pay out while you’re still alive if you get sick or injured… at no extra cost.

It’s not more expensive, it’s just more expansive.

The information contained in this video is not provided by a licensed attorney and it does not constitute legal advice. If you desire legal advice tailored to your specific estate planning needs, please consult a licensed attorney in your area.

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