IUL-IRC Section 7702 (a) Tax Free Retirement

Are you looking for a tax free retirement plan? Are you looking for principal protection, higher rates of return, and guarantees? The Index Universal Life plan may be the option you’ve been waiting for. This plan isn’t like your parents whole life plan, term life, universal life, or variable life plan. The IUL plans were exclusive to the majority top 5% income earners in the United States, up until recently and now everyone has equal access to these plans. When is the last time anyone asked you “Do you want to retire tax free”? Imagine distributing your entire life time savings tax free versus having your entire life savings being taxable like in a traditional IRA, 457, 401(k), Profit Sharing Plans, and other defined contribution plans. Picture the growth of your retirement plan if you were guaranteed to never lose your principal. Imagine how it would feel to keep all the earnings of the stock market and never participate in the downside. Watch this video and we encourage you to sit down with the agent whom shared this valuable information.

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