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In general a Homeowners policy covers your home and property for damages caused by things like wildfires, extreme weather, theft, and vandalism. It also protects you against liability claims for damages you accidentally cause others, like if you cut a tree down in your property and it falls on your neighbor’s car.

In cases where your home becomes unlivable, insurance policies also cover the costs of alternative living arrangements.

And of course, being Lanzarote the island of volcanoes, it’s important to know that home insurances in Sain cover for seismic and volcanic phenomena trough the Spanish Consortium. Here at C1 broker in 2021 and 2022 we helped more that 550 families in the neibor island of La Palma with the volcano claims.

For a complete list of coverages, I recommend you getting a quote. You’ll be able to see and make changes to your coverage, deductible, start date, and more. After buying a policy, I’ll send you a copy of your new policy by email.

My name is William Smith and I am your insurance expert in Lanzarote. I am with C1 Broker, we are an international insurance broker that works with more than 26 insurance companies in Spain and Internationally. I will search and find the best and affordable car insurance for you in Lanzarote, without compromising the covers.

Visit me and my team in our office in Tias, or drop me an email or give me a call. I will be delighted to attend you and to look for the right house insurance for you and your family. Remember in Lanzarote: Car Insurance is William Smith – C1 Broker!

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