One of the greatest agency builders EVER! (Rush Podcast #4, Life Insurance Sales)

Andrew Taylor #4 Rush Podcast. Want to work with us? Visit for more details or text Ryan Reynolds FFL 480.330.9573

Life Insurance Telesales Sales Training at its best!

10 Reasons Why This Is The Best Place For You:
1. AGGRESSIVE COMPENSATION: Earn up to 144% with Final Expense, and up to 145% with Mortgage Protection through top carriers.

2. PAYMENT: Get appointed and paid directly from the insurance carrier. No middle-man fees or deductions.

3. MONTHLY BONUSES: Earn monthly bonuses as a personal producer and as an agency owner, on top of the commissions you receive from the carriers.

4. RENEWALS: Vested renewals on whole life products from day one. Protect a client today, and get paid on that business for the lifetime of the policy.

5. HYBRID SALES METHOD: Choose how you would like to sell – virtually or face-to-face – or a combination of both. It’s 100% up to you.

6. FRESH SALES TRAINING: Regularly updated trainings from active Top Producers and Top Agency Managers. Plus, FREE events, conferences, and annual conventions.

7. DIVERSE LEAD OPTIONS: Warm buyer leads offered from over 15 different lead vendors that specialize in Direct Mail, Internet and Social Media lead generation.

8. COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT: You own your business. No contracts, ever.

9. NO FEES: There are no initiation fees, no CRM fees, no monthly fees. Nothing. Zero.

10. INTEGRITY MARKETING GROUP: The ability to partner with Integrity Marketing Group – an insurtech company that provides incomparable resources and support to our agents.

Learn more at, Go on, you know your curious or Text Ryan at (480) 330-9573.

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