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We had an insightful session with Shoaib Javed Hussain where he talked about State Life celebrating 50 years of service and trust and what the future of investment looks like in Pakistan. Watch the full video to find out more:

00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Tell us about your
journey prior to
joining State Life
01:26 – After having
spent so many
years in the UK
and Hong Kong
market, what
brought you back
to Pakistan?
02:14 – How, in your
opinion, has the
exposure shaped
your career?
03:26 – In 20 years, how
has Pakistan’s
evolved, and
what has
04:30 – Why is there still
skepticism about
insurance among
keeping the
penetration rate
in mind?
06:17 – There’s been a
leadership turn around
in State Life since you
joined in 2021, what
other changes have
you brought to the
09:05 – Continuing with
your digitalization
point, how important
do you think
digitalization is when
it comes to the
insurance sector?
10:10 – Despite the on going
pandemic State Life
paid Rs.100 billion in
claims, registered
100% business growth
and your market share
increased to 60%.
What are some of the
factors that led to this?
12:01 – What was the
thought process
behind the revival
of your historic Aye
Khud mere abbu
salamat rahen ad
14:09 – State Life is
completing 50 years
this year, what do you
think is the way
forward? Where do
you see yourself and
the organization in the
next 5 years?
15:37 – Outro

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