Transamerica IUL Insurance Review (2019) – Indexed Universal Life

This is an independent Transamerica insurance review of the Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL (FFIUL) or Indexed Universal Life.

To schedule a policy review email or call. I will do a full unbiased comprehensive review for a reasonable fee.

What I’ll Address in This Review
In this review, I’ll be covering the following information on the Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL (FFIUL).

Indexing options
Loan Features
Living Benefits

What you’ll discover is that like all IULs, the Financial Foundation IUL does have a couple of positive features. However, after digging into the nuts & bolts of this IUL, I’ve found more red flags than normal and two major deal breakers that you would want to be concerned with prior to investing your hard earned money.

For readers who don’t know much about me, I am a fee-based financial planner. Unlike most financial planners though, I do believe an IUL insurance product can make a lot of sense to be included in a comprehensive financial plan when used correctly. While I usually get compensated whether or not a client decides it makes sense to implement or not, I do everything within my power to make my view of IUL or permanent insurance as impartial and objective as possible.

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