Transformational Life Insurance Telesales Goal Setting and Execution Strategy

This exercise gives structure to your goals to become more profitable. This could be the single most important video to growing your life insurance business.

Stay in the game and RUTHLESSLY eliminate inefficiencies with intention and watch your profits grow. You’ll see how to do just that in this video.

Mentioned in this video:

1. Life Insurance Telesales Growth Ladder:

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We partner with independent life insurance agents to grow their TELESALES life insurance business.

DigitalBGA generates the highest quality life insurance leads (TV & Web) for our agent partners and provide the technology to facilitate it all. It’s an incredibly powerful plug & play system that has changed so many lives. Come thrive with us over at

Inc Magazine has named us one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation. We achieved this by building out proprietary technology and combining it with cutting edge marketing. Agents need a partner with a “research & development” mindset that are committed to investing and taking risks to improve lead quality and technology. We are committed to seeing independent agents thrive! Check out what some agents have to say here:

Our goal with this YouTube channel is to bring you quick, value packed videos to help you sell more life insurance over the phone.

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