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These are the different types of life insurance plans in India and each type of insurance policy is geared towards meeting various life cover and investment goals.

Term life insurance:
A term life insurance policy is one of the simplest and most affordable life insurance plans that you can buy. It provides coverage for death risk for a specified period. In the event of unfortunate event such as death of the policyholder, the sum assured amount is paid to the nominee in lump sum or as monthly pay-outs. This type of life insurance gives you maximum coverage with minimum premium. You can also widen up the coverage by buying additional riders.

Unit linked insurance plans (ULIPs):
ULIPs give you the triple advantage of insurance, wealth creation and tax-saving investment. In ULIPs the money that you pay as premium is partly invested on funds and partly on risk cover. You can choose the funds to invest depending upon your risk appetite and investment horizon.

Endowment plans:
Similar to a ULIP, endowment plans are types of life insurance that offers a mix of insurance coverage and investment opportunity. Sum assured is paid to the nominee or family in case of death or sum assured amount plus accumulated bonus in case the insured outlives the policy term.

Whole life insurance:
A whole life insurance covers the insured during the entire lifetime of the individual or in some cases up to 100 years. Sum assured is paid to nominee on death of the policy holder. In the rare event that the policyholder lives more than 100 years, the maturity amount is paid to the insured.

Child plan:
A child insurance plan helps to build capital for important events in a child’s life such as higher education, overseas studies, marriage, etc. Most child plans provide one time pay-out or annual payments after the child reaches 18 years of age. In case the parent passes away during the policy term, payment is made to the child or family. Some insurance companies waive off the premiums in case of death of the policyholder and make the payment after maturity period.

Retirement plan:
This type of insurance plan helps you build a substantial amount of capital to live a worry-free retirement life. You can opt for annual payments or a single pay-out after the age of 60 years.

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