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A term insurance plan is the purest form of life insurance policy that protects you and your loved ones. It provides coverage for specific period or for entire lifetime. Apart from providing financial security, it offers a host of benefits such as

• Life cover at affordable premium
• Whole life coverage, i.e., till you turn 99 years old
• Flexible premium payment term
• You can also choose the way death benefit is paid out – lump sum, regular income or you can choose a combination of both.
• Increasing sum assured option. That means you can increase the sum assured or coverage amount as per the evolving needs of you and your family.
• Critical illness cover
• Waiver of premium
• Accidental death cover
• Permanent & total disability cover
• Tax benefits under Section 80C

To know more, read our blog that outline the benefits of a term insurance plan.

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Know more about Term Insurance

Time Stamp:
00:00 – What is a term insurance?
00:14 – Benefits of a term insurance plan
00:25 – Whole life cover in a term insurance plan
00:31 – How to pay premiums?
00:38 – How death benefit is paid out?
00:46 – Increasing sum assured in a term plan
00:54 – Riders to enhance term plan benefits
01:05 – Tax benefits with a Term Life Insurance

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