When is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance (Canda)

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Many Canadians consider when the best time to buy life insurance is! There are many misconceptions about when the right time to buy life insurance is and in this video we will break them down. We will discuss the five situations when it may be the right time to buy life insurance and the three times when you should NOT buy life insurance.


0:00 Introduction
0:55 Term vs Permanent
3:09 The Purpose of life insurance
3:34 1. You’re about to get married
4:29 2. You’re having children
5:26 3. You’re about to purchase a home
6:17 4. You’re starting a business
8:38 5. You’re a high-income earner looking for alternative investments
9:32 When to NOT buy life insurance
9:43 1. To lock in rates while you’re young
11:40 2. No one relies upon you financially
12:19 3. You have outstanding debt without co-sign
13:50 Conclusion

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